Presenter applications

If you are keen to share your knowledge with those who work in the W.A. fitness industry, to meet others, promote your business,  and get paid a few dollars for your time,  then please consider presenting a session at the FICs conference on May 12th and 13th, 2023.

We are looking for experts from a diverse range of fields are encouraged to apply if you have something of value to impart to personal trainers, gym instructors,  group fitness instructors, community activity providers and other exercise professionals.

Examples: You may be a physiotherapist,  a podiatrist, a lecturer, the designer of a new piece of fitness equipment,  an Olympic coach, a CrossFit instructor, a doctor, the winner of the NBA nationals, a ballet dancer, ex-SAS, a sprint coach or an awesome personal trainer who works with new mums, or prisoners, or at the local drug and rehab centre has discovered something awesome and is up for sharing it.


We are looking mostly for hands-on practical sessions, where attendees get to feel and do, be coached or have an experience that simply   Even if you think your content is all theory/lecture style we simply ask that you to provide a few activities and exercises that allow attendees to apply that information, in a memorable way that wouldn’t be possible via Zoom.  Hit me up if you need ideas.


Sessions will mostly be 75 minutes in duration with 15 minute breaks.

What else?

Presenter skills: We want engaging presenters who can get their messages across clearly.  If you have great content but are unsure about your presenter skills then rest assured you can upskill in presenter skills.  Please advise us when you apply if you would like more ideas about what steps to take to improve your presenter skills.

Excited: We want presenters who are excited and proud to be on board.

You’re easy to deal with.   I give presenters lots of notice around what we require of them for the event so if I then need to nag them for notes, session descriptions, bios, etc., or they are contacting me the week before the event asking me to organize their equipment, transport, different rooms, more money, more time, more attendees and clearly haven’t read the brief that’s been out for 3 months around notes, session lengths, promotions, filming etc.,, then yeah, nah, they are not for us.   Whether that’s because they are too busy, or ill, or off grid most of the time, is understandable, but it also means we are not the right time for them, no matter how fabulous they otherwise are.

Pro’s of being a presenter

  • Opportunities to be paid
  • The chance to promote your business
  • Meet others in the industry
  • Share your knowledge and help strengthen our community
  • Attend the rest of the conference at no charge
  • 2023: Receive a ‘how to present’ tips and tricks
  • Receive a free ticket to gift to someone else or run a competition with it as a prize
  • Receive a ‘presenter’s logo’ to use on your email signature and social media
  • Looks great on your CV
  • Feedback about your sessions inclusive of testimonials you can use


For the May 2023 conference, simply email me up to three session topics, what type of room and equipment you would need, a bio and a photo for us to consider before November 30th, 2022.