The FICs Fitness Industry Conference

May 12th & 13th- Perth – 2023 

Calling all exercise professionals!  Join us for two days of face-to-face, interactive, un-Zoomable education!

The inaugural FICs conference took place in August 2022.  It was the first fitness industry conference in Perth since 2016 and 90% of feedback rated the day as “great” or “excellent’!

The plan is to continue holding an affordable and accessible conference each year on the local scene, and for it to be bigger and better each year but to do that we really need local support to help get it off the ground. 

If you’d love to see a regular local conference happen in Perth please register your interest in the event and spread the love by telling others.

To view the photos of this year’s sessions at FICs, and to read the reviews, head on over to our private Facebook Group.

Check out the presenters that have put their hands up to be involved and their topic ideas here.  

Have your say on which topics we roll with by registering your interest with us here in November 2022.

Why run it in Perth, live and offline?

Because the first one went so well! Admittedly it was small. We were limited to 100 people and ended up with 76 on the day but the feedback was pretty damn good with 90% saying it was either ‘Great’ or ‘Awesome’!

Education and upskilling:  But you could do that online right? Sure, and lots of content is suited to online delivery, just like how lots of your personal training and exercise programmes are, but as we all know lots isn’t, indeed some of the best, most effective stuff isn’t and that’s what this conference is focusing on – the unZoomable content we are currently missing out on.

Connection: The local conference offers a great space for locals to connect, to meet potential employees/employers, to find fill-in’s and covers, to take to the stage and share opportunities, to tap into the knowledge of your peers.

Motivation: Losing your mojo?  Running out of ideas? Wondering why your gym staff no longer seem excited about work?  There’s nothing better than spending a day learning stacks of new stuff, playing with new movements and talking with others who ‘get it’ to reenergize us all.

Affordable and possible:  Perfect for people who are hesitant or struggling to justify paying for interstate or international conferences. Get in early and you’ll pay $130 or less for each day.

Jump on board

Please touch base with me if you are a local business doing fabulous things and keen to support this event or have a presence at it at minimal cost:

Thanks heaps

To everyone who has shown their support for the 2022 conference in August, inclusive of the fine people and businesses below.

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