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We do not have a conference scheduled for 2024.

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For Fit Pros

  • Personal Trainers

  • Studio Owners

  • Club Managers

  • Lecturers and Students

  • Group Exercise Instructors

  • School PE Teachers

In 2022 we held the first FICs day ever and it was the fitness industry conference in Perth like this since 2016.  In more good news, 90% of feedback rated the day as “great” or “excellent’!

Why run it in Perth, live and offline?

1. Because the first one went so well!

Admittedly it was small. Numbers were capped at 100 people but the feedback was pretty fab with 90% saying it was either ‘Great’ or ‘Awesome’!

2. Education and upskilling

Sure, you could get that online and lots of content is suited to online delivery, just like how lots of exercise programmes are, but as we all know lots isn’t. Lots is best done in person and that’s what this conference is focusing on – the unZoomable content.

I liken this to going on a holiday to Coral Bay with your buddies!. If you don’t go with them you can still checkout their photos, watch their videos etc., but nothing beats having actually been there and swimming over those reefs together.

3. Connection

A local conference offers a great space for us to connect, to meet potential employees, employers, presenters, business partners, sponsors and affiliates, to find fill-in’s and covers for our classes, to take to the stage and share opportunities and to tap into the knowledge of our peers.

In 2023 we’re providing some cool opportunities for quality connections to happen, where you can meet up with specific people and talk about the things that are really important to you in between sessions. 

4. Reducing the friction

Having a conference on home-turf reduces the friction involved with travelling interstate or overseas (and our closest ones are more than 3000km away!).  We’re not just talking about reducing cost. As our FICs committee member Susan recently described to me…

… it’s all that other stuff that is time-consuming, distracting and often really stressful when travelling away from home – where to stay, how to get to conference each day, what to pack, where to find the food you love, being in a hotel where you can’t sleep well, being away from family, losing your phone, not having the back up options you’d normally have at home, worrying about fly delays, and lockdowns!

5. Motivation

Losing your mojo?  Running out of ideas? Wondering why your gym staff no longer seem excited about work?  There’s nothing better than spending a day, or two, learning stacks of new stuff, playing with new movements and talking with others who ‘get it’ to reenergize us all.

From previous get-togethers like this I ran in NZ, 91.7% of attendees said the events helped them to stay motivated. 67% said it was enjoyable to meet others in the industry, and as you’d imagine, they also reported having more confidence, a great understanding of how to take great and safe sessions, and to grow their business.

Presenters: Check out the proposed presenters here and their sessions.

Price: The same price or cheaper than 2022, with extra special deals for previous attendees, those who have registered their interest with us and groups of 5 or more.

What’s changed.

  1. There’s a VIP package for those wanting another 60 hours of education thrown in!
  2. Sessions are mostly now 75-minutes,  instead of 50 minutes.
  3. There’s more presenters, and
  4. An international keynote.

Thanks to all those who provided feedback and ideas around the need for these changes.  Hugely appreciated.

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Thanks heaps

To everyone who has shown their support for the FICs conference, thanks heaps. If you are keen to support this event please get in touch with us at

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Thanks heaps to attendee Renee who in 2022 made us aware of the Fair Game charity, and providing the opportunity for  attendees to bring sporting equipment, including sneakers, footy boots etc., along to the FICs conference so she could pass them on to this great cause. In good news, we’re doing it all again in 2024.  For more info about Fair Game please clickety click on the logo below and start gathering your kit.

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