Fitness Industry Conference – August – Perth – 2022 

Calling all personal trainers, gym instructors and group fitness trainers, working in gyms or taking bootcamps in parks, volunteering in aged care homes, leading fitness classes in churches or taking people through Ninja courses, coaching people in boxing, running, CrossFit or parkour or in any other movement where understanding more about movement and fitness would be beneficial – there’s a fitness industry conference coming your way!

Join us on August 19th at the ARC in Cockburn, for a multi-streamed day full of face-to-face, interactive, un-Zoomable education, all the stuff we’ve been missing out on during COVID.  There hasn’t been a conference like this in Perth, since 2015!

  1. Tickets for FICs have gone on sale here!  Early bird price is $100 off until July 14th!
  2. Free entries have been won by ‘KLB Fitness’ in March, ‘Rochelle’ in April,  Tinelle in May and Gemma for June.  We will announce another winner August 1, from all those that have registered their interest in the FICs conference or purchased tickets.
  3. Please join our Facebook Group for updates around sessions and presenters.
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To view other presenters and what sessions they are delivering head to the Tickets page.

Why run it in Perth, live and offline?

Education and upskilling:  But you could do that online right? Sure, and lots of content is suited to online delivery, just like how lots of your personal training and exercise programmes are, but as we all know lots isn’t, indeed some of the best, most effective stuff isn’t and that’s what this conference is focusing on. The unZoomable content we are currently missing out on.

Connection: This local conference is going to offer a great space for locals to connect, to meet potential employees/employers, to find fill-in’s and covers, to take to the stage and share opportunities, to tap into the knowledge of your peers.

Motivation: Losing your mojo?  Running out of ideas? Wondering why your gym staff no longer seem excited about work?  There’s nothing better than spending a day learning stacks of new stuff, playing with new movements and talking with others who ‘get it’ to reenergize us all.

Affordable and possible:  Perfect for people who are hesitant or struggling to justify paying for interstate or international conferences.

My name is Broni McSweeney and I was born on the Blackwood River in Bridgetown and grew up in Perth.  After many years living abroad, I’ve returned to W.A.   

Coal-face experience

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for 20 years in Aotearoa, New Zealand as a gym instructor, a personal trainer and a group fittie instructor,  as an exercise science tutor and lecturer on courses at AUT (Auckland University of Technology) and at CPIT (Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology – now Ara).  I now teach on the Cert 3 and 4 fitness courses at TAFE.

Conference and educational stuff

I have coordinated more than 300 workshops for exercise professionals, using over 200 presenters, as well as a multi-day aerobics conference and Career Days for students and new graduates.

I have also attended a national or international conference virtually every year that I have been in the industry including several Filex conferences, the IDEA conference in LA and the Netfit, GetActiveNZ and FitEx ones in Aotearoa.

Apart from presenting at a few of those conferences myself  you’ll usually find me with a volunteer shirt on at other people’s events.  I love the behind the scenes stuff.

The owners of the club I worked at went on to run the NZ national fitness industry conferences and to this day, they are still the best conferences I’ve ever been to and most everyone who has been to them says the same, so I was lucky too in being exposed to what awesome looks like.

I have always loved providing spaces for both to take place and supporting others to excel in this industry and was awarded the Exercise Association’s Educator of the Year Award in NZ and the Fitness Industry Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry.

So, in case it’s not already obvious, I’m not going to be seeking to sell you anything else other than a fab day out.    There is no other agenda to this conference, well except I want to see them become an entrenched part of our local industry.  Saying all that, there will be sponsors, and I will promote their deals, but I’ll choose one’s that are doing great things for our industry and where there is a good synergy.  

Bringing great people together to share their expertise, their stories and to connect with others, totally pulls at my heart strings…

… but it also takes a team of enthusiastic people.

If you’d like to be more involved in shaping fitness industry conferences and workshops in Perth, please do drop me a line with how you’d most love to be involved.
Broni – email or text/call 0406 882 025.


If you too can see value in having a local conference, please consider telling others about it. In short, if we don’t get sufficient numbers it won’t get off the ground, and spreading the word can be super hard and super expensive, especially this first time round.

The easiest way to help spread the world is to simply invite people to the Facebook group, or fire out an email to people in your world with something like this in it.


To my fit pro buddies,

There hasn’t been a fitness industry conference in Perth since 2015!

W.A. now has the chance to kickstart their own live, in person, conferences for people working in the fitness industry all oozing with unZoomable content.

The first one is happening on August 19th 2022 at the ARC in Cockburn, and it needs our support.

You can read more about it here www.FICsEducation or check out the Facebook Group here.

Jump on board

Please touch base with me if you are keen to support this event or have a presence at it:

Thanks heaps

To everyone who has shown their support, inclusive of the fine people and businesses below.

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Aqua wellbeing

Giving Back

Coming together face-to-face for the 2022 fitness industry conference provides us a with unique opportunity to support Fair Game and to help others in Western Australia to be active.   To help out simply bring along any sporting equipment you no longer want or use.  We’ll pass it on to Fair Game who will distribute it to those who need it most.
For more details about the type of equipment they love click here.

Huge thanks to Renee, a local exercise professional, for suggesting this grand idea.