FICs 2023 – Mark your diaries!

Join us on May 12th and 13th for FICs 2023 in Perth, for two jam packed days of sessions aimed 100% at helping you excel in the fitness industry.  All live and all face to face.

Register your interest with us to have your say on what sessions we include (survey goes out in November) and to get your early bird ticket. Sales start December 10th with prices starting at just $130!

Presenters who are keen to join us in the 2023 excitement …

Below is a list of people that are keen on presenting in May 2023. If you too would be interested in presenting, we need to know before November 7th. Click here for presenter details,  or for more ideas of how we roll check out the 2022 presenters here.

In mid-November everyone on our database will get to vote and comment on the sessions that have been submitted.

Richard is the CEO of the Exercise Association Of NZ  and there’s probably no-one else who has their finger on the pulse of the industry both at a micro and macro level as this guy.  In 2021 he won a Special Award for his outstanding contributions to the NZ exercise industry.

Proposed sessions

Global trends – FICs KEYNOTE

What has changed for our industry in the last 10 years and what hasn’t?
Let’s look forward 5 to 10 years.  What will the consumer expect and what do we need to deliver?

PT retention 2.0
The last few years has played havoc with both the exercising public as well as the model many PTs use to generate clients and income. Even before this many successful PTs set up their own studios, meaning gyms are in a constant circle of acquisition and training for new PTs.  Explore unique ways to both attract and keep PTs that is sustainable for both the facility and the PTs.

Dave Liow – A kiwi in Queensland

An exercise physiologist and a holistic movement coach, Dave holds a Master of Physical Education Kinesiology and Exercise Science. He is the co-owner of the Kaizen Health Centre and the founder of the Holistic Movement Coach Programme based in the Sunshine Coast, Australia, Dave has a long history in elite high-performance sport conditioning and has worked with a wide range of world-class athletes (Dave was the Head trainer for NZ Black Sox in 2 successful world series, NZ Hockey Olympic and Commonwealth Games trainer, S&C coach for NZ Titleist Men and Women’s Golf Academy).   He also specialises in working with clients with chronic pain and injuries.  He currently mentors and presents internationally to health professionals on integrating a holistic approach, and cutting-edge movement techniques into health and fitness.

Proposed sessions

1.Sleep – more regenerative than anabolic steroids!

You can have the best training programme and diet in existence.  If you’re not sleeping you won’t recover, adapt, or get any result apart from getting more tired.  Optimising sleep is your key to optimal performance and gains.  Learn the science and field-tested techniques to help you and your clients sleep better.

– Understand sleep science

– Understand techniques used to measure sleep

– Learn key techniques used to improve sleep with client examples and how to put it all together


2. Balance training revamped

Balance training needs to be more in depth than seeing how long you can stand on one leg.  Real life balance training involves moving body parts in all directions.  This session will teach you how to incorporate cutting-edge balance training concepts into your programmes.  Be prepared to move and experience revamped balance training in this practical session.

Understand how we balance

Understand how movement platforms relate to balance

Learn practical exercises to train balance


3. Glutes Galore

Athletic performance, keeping injury free, and the ability to look buff in a pair of jeans are seriously compromised when your glutes aren’t working well.  Squats, dead lifts, and lunges are great for glute development, but we’ll show you more tools to get your glutes working well.  This session will help you create buns of steel for your clients.

The importance of glutes

Why glutes don’t work

Practical glute training techniques


4. The plank is dead wood

The plank has become the go-to exercise for core training. Discover why we think that it’s overused and overrated. We can do better – so much better. This session explores the concept of “core training” and how we can train more effectively. Come away from this session with a new  to bag of core conditioning exercises to add in your workouts.


5. Is your client’s foot function kicking your programme’s butt?

The foot is a massively underutilized movement resource that we have wrapped up and shut away in a dark, sensory deprivation chamber (shoes). Poor foot function will sabotage your training results and can derail your clients. This workshop will show you what to look for and will teach you what to do with feet that aren’t dancing to the right tune.

Mike’s focus is peak performance, for individuals, teams and companies, and he excels at it.  Check out the reviews here.

His workshops are engaging, entertaining and impactful.

If Mike’s sessions get the thumbs up from our attendees, he will be flying in from Aotearoa, New Zealand to deliver them.

Proposed session ideas

Peak Performance Under Pressure

How we perform under pressure can be the difference between passing and failing exams, winning or losing competitions, making good or bad decisions, being confident or not for meetings, presentations and social occasions. While everyone’s pressures may be different the negative impacts can be the same including poor performance, feeling overwhelmed, impatient and anxious, wanting to give up completely,  run away and hide, to eat too much or not enough, to sleep all day or not at all. In this session learn some of the tricks used with high level athletes for excelling under pressure. This fun interactive session will lift your game in business and life.

Money Wise
Money, we all need it.  We trade our precious time for it, week after week, year after year.  Many people keep working even if they don’t like it because they have no choice, and yet, much of the money they earn is wasted.  Is it about time that you used what you earn more gainfully?  Join us, spend some time thinking about how to use your money more wisely, so that you can work thousands of hours less in your life.  Let your money do the working for you.
Time Freedom
How many hours do you have to work to earn a living?  Could you work less hours, yet far more productively, and so earn more than you do now?  Is there a smarter way for you to work?  Come and join us as we look at high performance strategies so that you can trade less time for money and get more time freedom in your life.

Read more about Mish at

Session ideas

  • Periodisation for periods
  • Inclusive practices
  • How to work with the reluctant exerciser
  • How to build an online course

Otherwise known as Happy Hils, Hilary is keen to present a couple of senior sessions for us.  Hil’s senior classes in Aotearoa pull in more than 100 participants, to the one class! She won the up-and-coming PT award when she first landed in the industry and has gone from strength to strength recently co-presenting at the national FitEx conference.

Session 1 Purposeful Play for All
This is a practical session with a number of games and activities suitable for older adults, These can be used with many older adults in seated/standing sessions. With discussion tips on how to introduce it and sell it to those who don’t see value, or have forgotten about play and how it can add life to your days
Session 2
Considerations for older adult sessions. What do you need to consider from both a planning and delivery perspective. Especially suitable for newbies to the older adult space.

Activation of the Body and Brain

There is a new trend in the fitness world.  Workouts that activate the body and brain together in much the same way as nature intended. Known as Multicomponent training or Dual-Task training.

In this practical session, you will discover exercise sessions that boost cardio-vascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and balance and which simultaneously incorporating cognitive training to stimulate the brain. In particular, memory, attention, processing speed, and executive functions, including learning, flexible thinking, and self-control.

Get inspired and feel equipped to train your clients, of all ages, using this fascinating approach, so they too can experience the many benefits that come from training the body and brain together. Walk away with loads of new exercises and ideas to fill your sessions with.

Presenter: Penelope Lane

Penelope is a Clinical Psychologist, a Personal Trainer, and a Group Exercise Trainer based in Fremantle, with over 33 years experience.  She has a background in Nursing and teaches Mindfulness classes to individuals and in corporate environments.

1. When saying “Yes” is a big “No-no”

Are you in an abusive relationship with your client? One of the most common themes on personal training forums nowadays is gauging whether it’s “normal” for a client to be:

1. Disrespectful to your business model,
2. Disrespectful to you or others in class,
3. Downright hostile, or
4. All of the above.

With over 15 years in a career rife with colourful clientele, Alice will help you break down barriers to explore negative behaviour which affects all aspects of an otherwise healthy business model

2. Ultimately Fun, Ultimately Frisbee 

Ready to say goodbye to lonely days of isolating? It’s time to cast aside seclusion and dive right into the most ultimately cathartic, ultimately sociable, ultimately engaging sport – Ultimate! Yes, we’re talking about the sport of frisbee and all it can bring to yours, and your clients, fitness experience.

No coordination? No problem. Alice will take the principles of the game across all abilities to create a fun, engaging environment for any participant. This will bring a new, fast, fun dimension to sessions, with loads of great ideas sure to get even the most hesitant keen to join in. Let’s play!

3. Not Selling: Your Most Powerful Sales Tool

Throw those robotic scripts out the window! If recreating a successful business from scratch multiple times has taught Alice anything, it’s that a thriving client base doesn’t start with a “sales pitch”. In this session, learn how to harness the essence of your business and use that to honestly drive success. If you’ve ever wondered how to avoid awkward selling and still prosper in the exercise industry, this session is for you!

Presenter Alice Moore

Alice Moore (nee Stolpe) is a well-established personal trainer, group fitness instructor, coach, and presenter having established thriving businesses in multiple cities around the world.

Completing a Masters of Science in Psychology has enabled her success across a broad range of clientele – from groups of at-risk seniors to high performance athletes and everyone in between.

Through working as a personal training manager, she has assisted up-and-coming trainers discover their own unique brand, grow their client base, and drive successful businesses.

A fierce competitor, Alice has developed her love of exercise through running track in the states where she competed at the national level. As a coach, she discovered her affinity to increase the capability of athletes and found her calling: improve the fitness of those around her. Alice moved to New Zealand shortly after and took up ultimate frisbee. Representing NZ at an international level and acting as the strength and fitness advisor for international teams gave Alice insight into team sport and fitness within large groups.

For Alice, it’s all about having fun while staying active. True motivation lies inside everyone and is nurtured by finding enjoyment in movement, however the individual chooses to express it. You will find her to be an engaging speaker, passionate about her subject, and devoted to the idea that obstacles are necessary for growth – how we choose to surmount those obstacles defines us.

Dr Dan’s draft ideas for FICs 2023 include

  • Training loads – lessons from professional sport to reduce your clients’ injury risk.
  • How to reduce research  – how to read academic articles if you aren’t an academic.
  • Hypertrophy training – a 2023 research update.

At FICs 2022, Dr Dan presented a session on screening which was well received, most people rating it as ‘great’ or ‘excellent’!

Great presentation and information

Covered the things that were relevant to todays practices  

So easy to follow and great public speaker.

Dr. Dan Jolley holds a BSc in exercise science and an MSc in exercise physiology AND he has completed a PhD in educational psychology at Curtin University, looking at the knowledge, and sources of information, of personal trainers.

Dan also worked as a strength and conditioning coach in a number of sports, including cricket (with the Perth Scorchers), and Australian Football (in the semi-professional WAFL competition). He also represented Australia in American Football as both a player and a coach, and was the head of the strength and conditioning program for the men’s national team for the 2011 and 2015 World Championships.

Dan is currently the course coordinator for the Certificate III and IV in Fitness program at South Metro TAFE, where he has taught since 2011 and was recently a national ‘Accredited Exercise Professional of the Year Finalist’.

Dan’s website: Critical Fitness

Sean is Head Of High Performance at AAU Australia and the High Performance Manger at East Perth Football Club and was the Strength And Conditioning Coach for the Perth Redbacks as well as a lecturer on personal training courses.
In 2023, I’ve asked Sean to deliver a session on one of the areas in which he is an absolute expert, Vertical Leaps – Jump Power, how to improve it and why.
If you too would love to see this session on the schedule be sure to register you interest in the conference and have your say in November when we put the topics out to the masses for voting on.
By the way, at the 2022 FICs conference Coach Connolly delivered a session described by one attendee as…
AWESOME!!!!, What a character! love to spend more time listening to Sean, session too short!!!( I mean that in a nice way!) SO interesting, so much to ask and LOVED the question/discussion time that he managed to squeeze in. BRILLIANT!
You can read more about Sean on his website at Coach Connolly 

Dr Susan Baxter.

Susan has a PhD from the School of Physiotherapy, BSc (Hons), Precision Nutrition (plus if you name just about any fitness course, she’s done it. Susan was part of the official posing classes held by NABBA, and competed internationally at Worlds and Universes and has placed in all 20+ shows she has entered!

She’s been an International Optimum Nutrition athlete, studio owner in two countries, and featured in M2 Women, Iron Man Magazine, NZ Fitness, Fitness Life, Oxygen, Womens Health Magazine and REPs Magazine (Indonesia),

Regularly invited to present, she is also the author of both books and scientific articles in peer-review journals.

In 2022 she presented at FICs and received RAVE reviews which is why we’ve asked her back. These are her ideas for 2023.

Session ideas

  1. Creating unforgettable in-person experiences for clients 

In the world after covid you now aren’t competing with your local area, you’re competing with the world. So you have to play to your strengths. 85% of people said they would pay significantly more for a better experience in a class than programming or fancy equipment. Brought to you by a previous winner of the National People’s choice fitness instructor of the year, Susan has the benefit to tell you tried and tested methods that continued to have her studio thriving when she was the most locked down state in the world by creating memorable connecting experiences.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to play to in-person advantages

  • The “Complete Studio Experience ProtocolTM”

  • Identify your Uniqueness and Unique point of difference to create your authentic voice

  • Learn to be a retention pro

  • Workshop your client experience right there and then!


  1. Structural differences in clients and how to program and test for them

Range of motion trumps the weight moved right? Well, not quite. Due to structural differences not all clients will be able to achieve what you can, because we in the fitness industry are the exception not the rule, and not all clients will be able to, nor do they need to be able to squat “ass to grass” or bounce a barbell off their chest to achieve optimal health gains.

Find out how to:

  • Get clients results despite limitations in range

  • Learn the difference between structural and functional limitations

  • Best assess the need for addressing limitations

  • Communicate inclusively about anticipation and manage expectations to clients

  1. Training clients with chronic illness

Are you interested in training clients with a chronic illness like MS, RA or Fibromyalgia? Lets discuss how best to support these clients, considerations to make and how to be able to serve this community while still staying “in your lane” as a Personal Trainer and boosting your business as a result.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to be inclusive in programming

  • Considerations and screening process

  • How to appeal to more clients with these conditions

  • A client’s needs and mindset on their health journey

  1. Training senior populations

Senior clients have the potential to be expanding year on year, so are you ready? Find out how to appeal and gain results for seniors and how to program for them. Laced with stories from my own experience, you will be in for a memorable treat.


  • Finding senior clients

  • Creating senior programming

  • Creating an enjoyable seniors environment


  1. Using bodybuilding to increase your business

What if I told you that there is a way to boost business, marketing, increase sales and generate excitement in a new way? Keep an open mind and find out how both professional federation and private branded competitions could be your way forwards with business. Create the impact you crave outside of the gym on your clients lives and make memorable experiences by using the best from the age old sport of bodybuilding. In this practical session, we dive into bodybuilding training, nutrition and posing.


  • Learn about training for a show

  • Understand the concepts and timeframe for bodybuilding nutrition (to pair up with a suitable nutritionist)

  • Learn the origin and benefit of posing.

  • Experience a day of show “pump up”


  1. Creating a balanced program for gen pop clients 

Do you get lost when its time to make a program for a client who “just wants weight loss” or “wants to tone up”? Let me help you learn how to adapt and tailor a program based off a screening test, and how to shape your clients physique with a hybrid approach from functional fitness, bodybuilding and powerlifting.


  • Find out how to design a program and how to explain it to a client

  • Learn the proportions and volume I would recommend from bodybuilding

  • Learn why pure functional training will not yield 100% happy clients

  • Be a go-to trainer in your area for enjoyable but effective training.


  1. Putting the “FUN” in Systems and processes 

Are you an intermediate to advanced experienced personal trainer with a client load to match? In this session I delve into the best additions of processes and systems for my business and how to create these for yours. I include considerations for selecting these processes, and some disaster stories to help you. A must-attend if you run your own gym and are thinking of hiring staff or you are a personal trainer who is busy


  • Save time in your week

  • Create actionable steps for your own business

  • Learn what the most recent tech tools are and their benefits and pitfalls

  • Learn how to create more leads from this saved time

Mum of three, ocean goer, sun seeker, adventure enthusiast and lover of all things health, fitness and the great outdoors!

Brooke Turner

A current finalist in the AusActive Educator of the Year Award.  Professionally an international health and fitness educator, speaker and writer specialising in exercise and nutrition for pregnancy and motherhood and helping women find a balanced approach to healthy, active living for long term mental and physical wellbeing.

With over 13 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Brooke is a tertiary qualified nutritionist and exercise scientist, and trainer.

Brooke’s website: Balance Fitness and Nutrition

Some of Brooke’s session topics for 2023 include:

  • The mindset of mums, why it’s not a case of go hard or go home for your clients with kids.
  • Too scared to squat? Many of your female clients are. Let’s dive deeper.
  • From embarrassed to empowered. What you need to be asking your mum clients and why.
  • Return to running – screening and strengthening exercises to help your Mum clients on their return to running journey
  • Keep your mum members moving! Throughout all stages of motherhood.
  • Functional fitness and pregnancy. The key considerations and what this means for your programming.

Wendy Sweet, originally trained as a nurse and went on to be the national director of Les Mills personal training for more than 10 years. In more recent times she sat on the board of Skills Active, won the REPs New Zealand award and completed her Ph.D.  She now runs the highly successful My Menopause Transformation. 

Proposed session ideas

  • Menopause Weight Loss
  • ‘A Job to Love’ – launching an international online business selling into 50 countries.

This was the session Tim delivered in 2022 and it was so popular I have asked him to consider presenting it again in 2023.


We all know how important hip stabilization is and how important it is to train those glute muscles and work with correct form. Maybe stretch and strengthen those weak and tight hip flexors. What happens when none of that seems to help?  When our client’s posture and performance of exercises plateaus below their expectations and ours? When they are still complaining of pain?

In this session discover the next step to helping clients train injury free and perform their exercises with great form. Sometimes with the hip it pays to look a little deeper. Whether you train high level athletes, seniors or beginners this session will help you to help them.

Presenter:  Tim Barnwell

Tim graduated from Curtin University as a Physiotherapist in 2001. He has worked in a variety of clinical areas including spending time working in the United Kingdom, for the NHS at a variety of Trusts. Tim has been working at Southcare Physiotherapy since 2005. He became a Principal at Southcare Physiotherapy in 2013. In 2017 Tim was a part of the team that opened LifeCare Cockburn Central at the state of the art Cockburn ARC. He is the Practice Principal at LifeCare Cockburn Central.

Tim has a keen interest in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions especially those related to sporting injury.  He has previously worked as the Head Physiotherapist for Palmyra Rugby Club and Cottesloe Rugby Club and qualified as an APA Sports Physiotherapist in 2012. From 2020 until 2022 Tim was the Team Physiotherapist for WA Netball team the Western Sting.

From 2012 to December 2013 Tim was the Branch President of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) in Western Australia. in 2021 Tim was re-elected to the Position of Branch President of the APA in WA. He is currently a Post Graduate Supervisor on the Curtin Sports Physiotherapy program and has recently taken up a position with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia on their Registration and Notifications Committee.

Session One:

Group Fitness, Mental Health and Me: the things I know to be true.

Session contents:

  • My journey through anxiety, depression and PTSD to where I am now.
  • My work with women, and the reason for starting the Foundation.
  • The science behind the positive association of Group Fitness and Mental Health
  • The importance of gaining education around mental health, so as to better assist your clients.

This session would be aimed at anyone working in group fitness, and newly qualified fitness professionals.

Session Two:

Group Fitness: the great mental health go to for women

Session contents:

  • The science behind the positive association of Group Fitness and Mental Health
  • How women are currently effected by mental health in Australia
  • The importance of teaching a class for your client (not for you)
  • Creating a positive and comfortable space for women entering fitness

This session would be aimed at anyone working in group fitness, or in the boot camp industry – working predominantly with women, and newly qualified fitness professionals in these areas.

Your presenter: Sarah Ford

Winner of the AUSactive award for National Group Exercise Leader of the Year 2022. Currently studying my Master of Medical and Health Science by Research at Edith Cowan University, with a strong interest in group exercise and mental health. I have completed my BSc in Exercise and Sports Science at Edith Cowan University. I am also currently studying for my Diploma in Counselling.

As someone who suffers from Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), I have a first hand account of how powerful exercise is in helping mental well-being.

I currently run my own business, Sarah Ford Fitness, which is a boot camp style business for ladies only. This has been running for approximately 5 years. I have also, in 2021, started my not-for-profit, which is the Sarah Ford Foundation. The Foundation aims to help financially disadvantaged women to access fitness services for their mental health. I am a registered Incorporated Association with a charity collections license.

I have been a Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor teaching Body Combat, Body Pump and RPM, for 15 years, in gyms across Perth. I have completed international certification for all the programs.

Your presenter Petar Djanis

Petar holds a BSc in Exercise & Sports Science and Movement Science, GradDip in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Masters in Exercise Science (research) and is currently completing his PhD on Monitoring Load and Fatigue in professional football players in the A-League. Petar is the Head of High Performance at South Fremantle Football Club and was the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Perry Lakes Hawks as well as working at the WACA with the Male and Female Junior and Senior Programs.

Petar has been lucky enough to work across many different sectors within the health industry such as an exercise physiologist working with seniors, personal training general populations and as a strength and conditioning coach with a variety of athletes from amateur all the way to Olympic level athletes.

Petar’s passion is promoting and providing general populations with the same high-level coaching that elite athletes get.

Session 1: Performance testing and choosing the right exercises for your athletes

  • Current trends in testing performance for athletes based on their sport.
  • Why do we need to test and what should we be looking for.
  • How to use the testing results to influence our exercise selection and assist the athletes in their sport
  • Load monitoring athletes

1. Exercising with chronic low back pain: An evidence base approach.

This session will provide and evidence-based approach to prescribing exercise for people
with chronic low back pain. There will be a focus on dispelling myths and misconceptions
surrounding low back pain and removing barriers to exercise compliance.

Participants will gain an understanding of the neuroscientific implications of the language
used when providing exercise for people with pain and how the words we use can influence
pain intensity and exercise compliance.

This session will aim to remove the fear and negative belief systems that are commonly
associated with chronic low back pain and exercise. Participant will gain a thorough
understanding about how they can better educate their clients about the benefits of
exercise and promote safety and confidence with movement.

2. Lateral hip pain – Education and exercise

This presentation will provide an overview of the pathophysiology of lateral hip pain. It will
provide participants with the skills to recognise potential contributors and provocative
factors when dealing with lateral hip pain. Participants will be guided though educational
strategies and exercises to promote successful rehabilitation and return to normal pain free
function for their clients.

This session is aimed at any exercise professional from a beginner through to advanced
suitable for anyone who works with people in pain.

Your presenter: Bodine Ledden.

Bodine is a Myotherapist / Soft Tissue Therapist and Educator. He is the Assistant
Director for Advanced Clinical Education and the Founder and Director of Physique Hip and
Spine. Bodine has extensive experience consulting with musculoskeletal pain presentations
in private practice. He currently divides his time between working in clinical practice and
providing post graduate professional development courses in manual therapy for Allied
health professionals nationally and internationally.

Bodine has developed course curriculum and been the Course Coordinator for the Diploma
of Remedial massage program in Perth. With a passion for education, he is currently
completing his Masters in Educational Neuroscience. Bodine has trained hundreds of
manual therapist and exercise professionals in Australia and New Zealand in a range of
modalities including Remedial massage, Dry needling, Myofascial cupping, Electrotherapy
and Neurological assessment to name a few… along with providing webinars and online
courses on topics including pain science, strength and conditioning and the clinical
management low back pain and hip pain.

Bodine has a special interest in chronic pain disorders particularly in the lumbar spine, hip
and shoulder.

Bodine has extensive experience working and travelling with AFL, NEAFL and WAFL sporting
teams. He has worked with combat sports athletes at a local, national and international
level including the Australian boxing team and numerous muay thai, boxing and mixed
martial arts athletes.

Session 1: The integrated approach to chronic issues – including knees, low back and shoulders

Knee issues, back issues, shoulder issues – these are the “big three” barriers to exercise for so many people. Wouldn’t it be great to have a few tricks in your toolbox to move past many of these, and other ongoing niggles, so you can get on with enjoyable training sessions? JP has spent a decade creating an entire movement approach to enable exercise professionals handle all types of chronic movement problems. Join for this session and learn how to better understand these, their root causes and some techniques to move beyond them. You will never look at human movement in the same way after feeling the change in your own body, during this practical, and inspiring, session.


Session 2:  Who are you? The most powerful information you can know…

The question, “Who are you?”, seems like a simple enough enquiry. But how many of us can answer? In a business where often, YOU are your brand, it’s vital to know exactly what that means! Then you can authentically represent yourself and your brand in the crowded marketplace.

In a decade of mentoring and coaching industry leaders, and top exercise professionals, JP has developed all the right questions to ask to yield insights into your identity, beliefs, values and purpose. These are the solid, unique and powerful foundations on which to build both business and life. This session will set you on that foundation, to move forward with clarity and authenticity in all that you do.


Your presenter John Polley (JP)

An award winning educator, international presenter, mentor, writer and specialist in movement from the perspective of the ‘3 human dimensions’ – mental, emotional and physical. His passion for sharing information, practical skills and thought-provoking content is infectious. He loves to connect and help people find their unique pathway to realise the best in themselves. He has a natural, light-hearted and free flowing approach to education that people find engaging and fun.

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia he has worked in almost every role in the industry, from gym instructor through to studio owner. As a master instructor, he has provided education for freeFORM boards, Sandbellls and Throwdown, and currently holds roles with Power Plate Aus/NZ and ViPR Global.

For the past decade, JP has built a range of educational programs from mentorships to short courses, delivered face to face and online, and has a wide range of accessible education with leading education platforms around the world. He has also mentored industry leaders as well as working professionals.

As a writer, he has been a featured author for PTA Global, blog author for PT Academy Australia and has contributed to Fitpro magazine and the Fitpro podcast and is currently writing his first book about the interplay between the mind, emotions and movement. JP has also been interviewed by many industry leaders and associations for podcasts.

John Polley

Your presenter Deb Biggs

Deb is the owner of The PT Practitioner. She is educated to Masters level and has over 20 years experience in the health industry. She transitioned from nursing into full time coaching 4 years ago and is a personal trainer, qualified nutritionist and kettlebell specialist. Certified with StrongFirst (SFG II), she has coached hundreds of people to use kettlebells safely and effectively. Deb teaches hard style kettlebell technique (which differs from Tracey’s sport background) and is passionate about making kettlebells accessible to people of all shapes, sizes, abilities and fitness levels.

Deb is keen to raise the standard of kettlebell use in the wider fitness space and enjoys educating other coaches and allied health professionals about technique and coaching skills with kettlebells.

Her proposed sessions for 2023 are:-

  1. A basics session to cover squat, clean and press, DL variations.
  2. Turkish Get Up
  3. How to incorporate KB’s safely but effectively into mixed ability group settings (eg bootcamps)
Deb’s website:

Leading the best group exercise experience

for Group Fitness Instructors & Club Managers

One Place, One Membership and a Personalised Experience.

The philosophy is underpinned by three key components: Community, Connection & Experience, each interacting to expand on the Engagement and variety of in-club offerings.

An innovative and successful business model addresses different people’s passions bringing together the excitement of a studio boutique and the variety of a larger health club maximising ROI and delivering a personalised experience.

Key Learnings:

–       How to offer a boutique environment and offer variety at the same time

–       Club layout for best ROI

–       How to know your members

–       How to efficiently personalised the group training experience according to members passions and abilities

–       How to create a multisensory, immersive experience


Your presenter: Erika Opali

I have a strong vision to share knowledge across the industry in a multidisciplinary manner. I aim to apply my knowledge practically to empower others to learn in an environment specific to them. Throughout and beyond my post-graduate studies, I have encountered a variety of situations to share my learnings. These ranging from professional soccer to public health and wellness within leisure facilities. Each experience was as more valuable as another, helping to shape where I am today.

Currently, I represent the world leading Wellness solution provider Technogym as a Format & Education Specialist within Australia. Previously, I was fortunate enough to work at the Headquarters of the company in Cesena, Italy. I was able to experience first hand all of the fantastic research and development embedded into each new concept and follow it through to the launch and activation stages of product a journey. Today, my aim is to expand the Technogym Network in Australia through the means of education.

  • Dangerous trends What’s happening out there in Instagram world and how can we combat it.
  • The future of fitness Take a dive into what the future holds, around technology and equipment, leisure time and the changing face of health and fitness goals and the factors that will serve to motivate people towards them.
  • Warming up protocol What should a warm-up consist of and why, how long should it go for and how can we measure its success.  The latest info around this essential topic.
  • Registration systems  Do we need them?
  • Recovery training The latest and greatest methods by which to promote a speedy recovery and ways to measure it.