Terms and conditions – 2023

By purchasing a ticket to the 2023 FICs conference you are agreeing to the following:-

  • If we need to cancel the whole event due to any situations beyond our control, we will reschedule it.  Should that rescheduled event also be cancelled we will give you the choice of a full refund or credit towards the March 2024 conference.
  • If you need to cancel for medical reasons, you are eligible for a full credit towards our two day March 2024 conference.
  • If you need to cancel for any other reasons before April 13th you will get a full refund. After April 13th and until April 30th you’ll receive a 50% refund. Thereafter there are no refunds but please still advise us if you are unable to make it as we may be able to organise a partial credit for you for the 2024 conference.
  • We may need to change or cancel individual sessions if for instance a presenter falls ill or a hail storm that means an outdoor session can’t go ahead.  As far as possible we will seek to ensure there is minimal disruption to the day’s agenda, we will give you as much notice as we can and aim to have alternatives on offer, but please know it’s a possibility and that those changes may happen on the day, or in the weeks leading up to the event and it is not something we would provide a refund for.
  • By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing not to film any of the presentations on the day and to not take any photos other than of a) just the presenter, b) other attendees they have consented to you taking their photo and/or they cannot be identified, and c) no gym members, staff or members of the public, inside of the ARC venue.
  • FICs staff and volunteers may be taking photos and filming sessions for promotional purposes of FICs conferences and workshops, which will be used on websites, social media and brochures.  Presenters may be filming their own sessions for distribution via their own business. There is a good chance many of you will end up in our pictures and videos and that you be identifiable in those pictures and videos.

Please pick and choose what activities you do on the day based on your personal health and fitness.  As professionals in the health and fitness industry we consider you will have a good understanding of what is safe and best for you and ask you to  respect the decisions of others.

If you encounter any unsafe practices or potentially dangerous situations on the day we ask you to immediately advise your presenter and our staff, and other attendees and venue staff as need be.  This may include, but is not be limited to; physical safety as well as mental and emotional for example via bullying, harassment, discrimination based on age, sex, race, ancestry, ethnic origin, gender identity or expression, religion, political belief, family status, marital status, or disability.

Meet and greet everyone.  Please say hi/kaya to people you don’t know (yet), smile, bump elbows, thank presenters and volunteers personally, include others in your lunchtime conversations, encourage people to contribute ideas, listen with your heart.

To help everyone connect and remember each other, please wear your name badge the whole day (bring your own, or use our stickers) and wear your business shirt / hoodie/ cap or similar if you have one.

Feedback opportunities will be available during and after the event, inclusive of anonymous opportunities.  I implore you to use these before publicly sharing any comments, ideas or photos which could negatively impact those involved with this conference, inclusive of our staff, volunteers, the host venue, other attendees and presenters.  Anonymous feedback on any conference related issues can also be shared here, 24/7.  https://forms.gle/nVNCAb9tv8c5gfCf7.

Please ensure the form you land on is ours and looks like this FICs anon feedback form

You will have the opportunity to tell us which sessions you would like to attend in order of preference via an Eventbrite booking form. This must be completed by each individual attendee and cannot be completed on behalf of other attendees.

This form will be open from April 1st – April 14th.

Check your emails from hello@FICsEducation.org for the link, or head to the attendees portal on our website, or get in touch and we’ll send it through to you again.

We are pretty confident everyone will be able to get into most if not all of the sessions they want to attend, but that said, there are limited numbers to each session and places will be allocated on a first in, first serve basis.

Sessions will not be available for replay and the availability of notes from sessions to other attendees is at the discretion of presenters.


  1. One winner will be drawn each month from January 2023, at random from a pool of all people who have registered their interest in the conference, together with all those who have purchased a ticket, telling us how they found out about the conference, together with all those that completed our topic session surveys.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. Entrants must be Western Australian residents.
  4. Winners receive one standard two day entry to the FICs 2023 conference on May 13th and 14th.
  5. Standard tickets can be upgraded to a VIP ticket for $50.
  6. Winners can be from anywhere in WA but we don’t cover costs to get Perth, the venue, accommodation etc.,, it’s just the entry ticket we are giving away 🙂
  7. The first draw will take place on or as soon after January 1st, 2023 as possible and will cover all those who registered before midnight December 31st, 2022.
  8. Following draws will take place on February 1st, March 1st and April 1st and include everyone that has registered or booked in by midnight on the last day of the immediately preceding month.
  9. Winners will be contacted directly and announced on the private FICs Education Facebook group page.
  10. Anyone who wins who has already purchased a standard entry will be refunded their entry fee, or if they have purchased a VIP entry they will be refunded all monies above $50.
  11. Winning entries or VIP tickets purchased by winners are not transferrable or exchangeable for cash.
  12. If the 2023 conference doesn’t go ahead for any reason we will give the winner a free entry into the 2024 FICs conference.
  13. Winning entries are only valid for use at the 2023 conference.
  14. Winners must still validate their ticket via the website using the code provided to them and using the code provided to them in their email, before tickets sell out.  Unless we make a draw after tickets are sold out, in which case we will have reserved them a place, we do not hold tickets for winners.