A message from you ­čÖé to copy and send to those you think may appreciate knowing about the Perth FICs Conference.

Because I want to be better at what I do, and
because I want our industry to be better too, stronger,
more connected and more impactful,
I am spreading the word,
on this local and live industry conference,
doing my bit in the hope it becomes a yearly event,
accessible to all of those in W.A. fitness industry.

Register your interest here if you too would like to see it grow.
Feel free to mention me,
so the FICs team can figure out if they are doing something that matters,
that’s worth telling people about, (which I think they are),
and so I can collect my hugs from them.

How to share this message

Paste this address https://ficseducation.org/2023-2/spreading-the-love/ into a social media post, emails and messages to those who you think would appreciate it.

Thanks heaps.

Broni and the FICs team.

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