Kaya and hello to the 2023 attendees.

Welcome to your FICs 2023 Fitness Industry Conference page!

On this page you will find everything you need for the weekend’s event.

Heads up, from March 14th you will need a password to access it.  Keep an eye out for emails closer to the time with your link to get in.

Photographic ID.  You may need to show this over the weekend.

Food and drink.  Bring anything you would like to eat or drink (no alcohol). There is also a café on site should you wish to purchase anything.

Suitable clothing.  Please wear closed in shoes and comfortable gear to exercise in.  Bring some your warm gear in case it gets chilly, and a rain jacket if you are doing an outside session.

Kit: A yoga mat if you are doing a session that requires one.

A towel. If you doing practical sessions and please remember to wipe down any equipment with the hygiene wipes supplied in the rooms.

No parking money.  Parking is free 🙂 but some spots are for three hours only.  Double check, if you intend leaving your car in one spot the whole day.

Sports gear you no longer need.  Please bring it along and pop at the Fair Game station. Check out what equipment they require here. Feel free to also thank attendee Renee for organising this, if you see her.

Name tag. Bring yours or if you don’t have please wear the one we give you, on both days.

Your business/work shirt.  It’s totally optional but we reckon wearing it it oozes all good things, like how proud we are of where we work, and it opens the door for others to more easily connect with us and to ask us about what it’s like to work at where we are working, or if we know of any jobs going.  It’s also a sure fire way to get your business some more promo in our FICs event photos!

Your fit pro attitude.  Fitness professionals naturally ooze awesomeness, so just be you, say ‘kaya’ or ‘hello’ to everyone, take the opportunity to have chats with people during breaks and welcome those that start them up with you.

Around March 14th we will send you a password to this page and an email with updates and a link to an Eventbrite session booking form.

From then on, we will post all updates relevant to you in here, your one-stop shop – always easily accessible to you without having to trawl through your emails.

In the meantime please join our Facebook Private Group Page for mini-updates of excitement.

Any questions in the meantime please do get in contact.