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Screening and assessing clients is crucial to the success of your training. But it’s an area where fitness professionals take shortcuts all the time. This effects the quality of your training, then client retention, and ultimately your income.
In this session we discuss the workflow of an ideal pre-exercise screening, from introduction, to risk stratification, to assessment. And we will show you a simple, evidence-based method of assessing your client’s movement, that will help you program effective training, that meets their needs. All within your scope of practice, which protects both you and the client!

Presenter: Dr Dan Jolley

Dr. Dan Jolley holds a BSc in exercise science and an MSc in exercise physiology AND he has completed a PhD in educational psychology at Curtin University, looking at the knowledge, and sources of information, of personal trainers.

Dan also worked as a strength and conditioning coach in a number of sports, including cricket (with the Perth Scorchers), and Australian Football (in the semi-professional WAFL competition). He also represented Australia in American Football as both a player and a coach, and was the head of the strength and conditioning program for the men’s national team for the 2011 and 2015 World Championships.
Dan is currently the course coordinator for the Certificate III and IV in Fitness program at South Metro TAFE, where he has taught since 2011.

Dan’s website: Critical Fitness

Five tips to analyze and improve running technique.

Running is one of the most common exercises our clients and members do.  Often part of a boot camp or a warm-up game, it’s also an area where people regularly set goals; to be able to run 2km, 20km, along a beach, up mountains, to win a race, to finish a race, to be part of their parent/child activity days, so they can get back into playing recreational sport or get into the armed forces.  
If you’d like to more about how to help clients take up running safely, improve race times and increases their distances with less chance of injury then this session is for you.

 Help clients to take up running safely, improve race times and increase distances with less chance of injury.

Presenter: Ben Green

Ben is a trusted facilitator for Athletics West, Athletics Australia and World Athletics and increasingly plays a significant role in the ongoing development of Coaches through the Front Runner Academy.
Qualifications & Experience:
  • Bachelor of Sports Science with First Class Honours
  • World Athletics Level 4 Middle and Long Distance Coach & Lecturer
Personal Coach to:
  • Oceania Champion (800m & 1500m)
  • World Junior Representative (800m)
  • Oceania U/20 Representative (5000m)
  • Multiple athletes who have progressed onto Div. 1 US College Scholarships
  • Multiple National Junior Medalists (track & XC)
  • Multiple Female & Male State Champions from 800m-10km
Clinical Interests:
  • Coaching elite middle and long distance runners
  • Training plans for recreational runners
  • Coach education
  • Running biomechanics
  • Footwear prescription
Thanks Ben for coming on board. We are very much looking forward to your session.

10 ways to assess and show people improvements in their cardiovascular fitness. Whether it’s for seniors, athletes, clients who are new to training, those that have given up smoking, are recovering from COVID, trying to lose weight and everything in between, assessing people’s heart-lung fitness can empower people, reassuring them they are on the right track, and provide you, the trainer, with important feedback about their programs and health.

Presenter: Sean Connolly

Sean is Head Of High Performance at AAU Australia and the High Performance Manger at East Perth Football Club and was the Strength And Conditioning Coach for the Perth Redbacks as well as a lecturer on personal training courses.
Sean’s website: Coach Connolly 

Learn the art of swinging a Kettlebell and how best to teach it safely.

Presenter: Tracey Gunn

Tracey is the owner of Perth Kettlebell Sports Academy 

Tracey Gunn

What does this Vitruvian machine bring to the market? Your chance to speak to the Vitruvian Head Coach, Weibke Hnsn, to try it and learn about its unique algorithm, force and benefits.

Work through tried and tested ways to bring in new face-face clients/members. This session is specific to personal trainers in W.A but group fitness instructors and club sales and management teams will also benefit from the information.

Presenter: Dan Williams

Dan Williams is the Director of Range of Motion and leads a team of Exercise Physiologists, Sports Scientists, Physiotherapists and Coaches.

Through Range of Motion Business Mentoring works closely with Fitness Businesses in a mentoring role, assisting in business growth and development in the fields of operations, marketing, culture, client experience and human resources.

Dan has a Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health Science) and a Postgraduate Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science from The University of Western Australia, with minors in Biomechanics and Sport Psychology.


Dan’s website: Range of Motion

Learn the compulsory poses used in body figure/building competitions under the guidance of a local champ. Use as exercises yourself or with any clients to help develop body control and awareness while still working up a sweat.

Presenter: Michelle Nazarof

World Champion Body Builder – Winner of the INBA Natural Olympia in 2006,  Qualified, C.H.E.K Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach, Master Personal Trainer, Certified IPAC Physique Conditioning Coach, Certified Raw Chef, International Body Building Judge.

Whether you take classes for kids, HIIT training with athletes, group sessions for seniors, this session looks at a dozen new ideas to bring laughter into your sessions. Find out what the research says about adults ‘playing’ and why it is so important for us to add it in to the mix of all our sessions.

Presenter: John Polley

John has a decade of experience teaching about Play for fitness professionals.  JP is the ‘go to’ person for the science, behind the benefits of play as well as a great practical facilitator, well known for  making all experiences fun and intellectually accessible i.e.. he makes the complex simple and provides you with practical ideas you can immediately implement into your business.  In 2019, JP won the Exercise Association Educator of the Year Award.

JPs website: John Polley

John Polley
Help group class members to get clear, focused, have more freedom in their movement and own their power in a class by building your own confidence and resilience! Develop a growth mindset, feel more empowered and set yourself up for success.

Presenter: Tracey Gunn

Tracey is the owner of Perth Kettlebell Sports Academy as well as a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) master trainer, professional clinical hypnosis practitioner, therapist and mindset coach.
Tracey Gunn

These activities increase our awareness of others, our peripheral awareness, our speed of reaction, and most of all our confidence in and enjoyment of ‘failing’.   A mix of games using improvisation to highlight certain elements of fitness pedagogy (e.g. fear of failure, willingness to give it a go, willingness to make it your own).

Originally used by social workers with immigrants and to help ease anxiety they are now used widely in a variety of settings, from prisons to corporate, for people with autism, anxiety and Alzheimer. In our case they are for weaving into your group sessions to help bond class members and build a great culture, and to build your creative muscles and confidence with trying new things.

Presenter: Aden Date

Aden is Chair of the Board of Only the Human, an improvisation and comedy company in Perth.  He also works as a consultant for arts and cultural organisations interested in bringing intentionality and impact into their work.   He  teaches Critical Community Psychology at Notre Dame, a third-year Psychology unit which works at the intersection of Critical Theory and Community Development, working with students to unpack how Psychologists can work with communities to promote critical consciousness, self-determination, and liberation from oppression.

Aden’s website: Only the Human

Physiological changes and key considerations for exercise at each trimester of pregnancy.

Presenter:  Brooke Turner

Mum of three, ocean goer, sun seeker, adventure enthusiast and lover of all things health, fitness and the great outdoors!

Professionally an international health & fitness educator, speaker and writer specialising in exercise and nutrition for pregnancy and motherhood and helping women find a balanced approach to healthy, active living for long term mental and physical wellbeing.

Over 13 years experience in the health and fitness industry, am a tertiary qualified nutritionist and exercise scientist, and trainer.

Brooke’s website: Balance Fitness and Nutrition

Brooke Turner

Keeping mums moving.  What you need to know about your postpartum clients and why.

Presenter:  Brooke Turner

Mum of three, ocean goer, sun seeker, adventure enthusiast and lover of all things health, fitness and the great outdoors!

Professionally an international health & fitness educator, speaker and writer specialising in exercise and nutrition for pregnancy and motherhood and helping women find a balanced approach to healthy, active living for long term mental and physical wellbeing.

Over 13 years experience in the health and fitness industry, am a tertiary qualified nutritionist and exercise scientist, and trainer.

Brooke’s website: Balance Fitness and Nutrition

Brooke Turner

How to utilise combinations and routines effectively in boxing for fitness. The art of combining boxing and fitness principals together in a combination or drill/routine.  A session packed with ideas and takeaways for your one-to-one and group sessions.

Presenter: Adam Jenzali

Owner of Thump Boxing, which was the first provider in Australia to develop a training system of multiple level boxing and kickboxing courses in Australia and New Zealand for health and fitness professionals.

Adam arrives with a wealth of experience and energy to help our businesses thrive and for all of us to excel using boxing and kickboxing as a tool to help our communities stay fit and healthy.

Adam’s website:Thump

If we can get him on board then whatever he delivers will be grand but thinking it will be a content rich ‘What we need to know about knees’ session.

Presenter: Adam Floyd

Apart from being a Physiotherapist of 23 years, owner of Regenerate Physiotherapy in Wembley with a first class honours degree in Exercise Physiology behind him, Adam is just one engaging presenter, overflowing with a wealth of knowledge.  He’s regularly delivered sessions at conferences interstate and internationally.  A fantastic local resource to tap into.

Adam’s website: Regenerate Physiotherapt

(Jason’s keen – we are just waiting to see if there is a 50 minute space for this session to be included)

Bulletproof Shoulders – Learn a simple 3 step process to help your clients restore optimal shoulder function, mobility and strength so they can train confidently and trust that you’ve got their health as number 1 priority.

Jason runs the positively raved about Bullet Proof Your Shoulders workshops and on this occasion is offering us a snippet of what he delivers in that workshop.

Jason’s website: Earn the Right.

TBC –  We all know how important hip stabilization is and how important it is to train those glute muscles and sort out that lordosis, stretch and strengthen those weak and tight hip flexors, but what happens when none of that seems to help?  When our client’s posture and performance of exercises plateaus at a level below what we require? When they are still complaining of niggles?

In this session discover the next step to helping clients train injury free and perform their exercises with great form. Whether you train high level athletes, seniors or beginners this session will help you to help them.

Presenter: Tim Barnwell

Tim graduated from Curtin University as a Physiotherapist in 2001. He has worked in a variety of clinical areas including spending time working in the United Kingdom, for the NHS at a variety of Trusts. Tim has been working at Southcare Physiotherapy since 2005. He became a Principal at Southcare Physiotherapy in 2013. In 2017 Tim was a part of the team that opened LifeCare Cockburn Central at the state of the art Cockburn ARC. He is the Practice Principal at LifeCare Cockburn Central.

Tim has a keen interest in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions especially those related to sporting injury.  He has previously worked as the Head Physiotherapist for Palmyra Rugby Club and Cottesloe Rugby Club and qualified as an APA Sports Physiotherapist in 2012. From 2020 until 2022 Tim was the Team Physiotherapist for WA Netball team the Western Sting.

From 2012 to December 2013 Tim was the Branch President of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) in Western Australia. in 2021 Tim was re-elected to the Position of Branch President of the APA in WA. He is currently a Post Graduate Supervisor on the Curtin Sports Physiotherapy program and has recently taken up a position with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia on their Registration and Notifications Committee.

Tim works at Lifecare at the Cockburn ARC.

Tim Barnwell

Do you want to expand your personal training business? Minimize cancellations when clients are injured or fatigued? Are you creative and ready to gain some skills in an environment likened to outer space?

Come let’s get deep and meaningful and immerse in P.T skills adapted to the water environment.

Experience a taster of how to train your clients for active recovery days, during injury, when experiencing fatigue and in planes to challenge their core stabilization. Adapt your personal training to ALL clientele needs from professional athletes to clients simply seeking functional mobility & fitness.

Once you begin adapting your land workouts to the water environment you will understand why this environment is so deep and meaningful. See your P.T business reach new heights and grow as your clients keep meaningfully motivated for a diversity of stimulating & high-performance training!

Presenter:  TANJA LUCK

(BA (Sci & Lang) Level 3 Reg Fitness (A.F.F.A) Cert Yoga practitioner ( pregnancy, women’s health, rehabilitation & trauma aware) Mat Pilates,  Water emergency rescue trainer/Assessor for Physiotherapy, Aquabalance mind body program creator ( somatic mental health initiative ) and specialised aquatic exercise consultant / author.

The creative Director of Aquawellbeing Australasia, Tanja Luck, has been an active educator and mentor for over 20 years. She has delivered education throughout Australia, Latin America and Asian health resorts. Tanja has contributed as a recognised Industry consultant on national sport and fitness educational boards, strategic management committees, been an active mentor, author, trainer, and international presenter. Tanja served 7 years on the State Management committee (Fitness W.A) supporting Practitioners and the State Industry Conference, WAFIC as well as presenting nationally at FILEX conferences. Recently she was invited to educate at the International Water Therapy Conference in Costa Rica and at the London Aquatic Rehabilitation Exercise Convention. Tanja has served as a consultant assessor for new programs entering Australia specialising in Aquatic exercise, Yoga and Pilates. In addition she has been published in health magazines and has generated over 20 aquatic educational workshops for special populations, Aquatic Centre’s, Tertiary Institutions, including UWA + Murdoch’s recreational programming departments. She also served as the key Ambassador/Trainer for the European Company Okeo & Aquatixx for 7 years growing programs such as water bike, water kick box, Deep water personal training, Aqua for kids, Aqua for pregnancy and Aqua Step.

Tanja divides her time as a Wellbeing Practitioner working with a Team of Allied Health Professionals that support vulnerable women and their families with severe mental health challenges & addiction recovery. She is passionate about ensuring all individuals are empowered to create holistic healthy lives leading to bonded communities. Tanja’s motto is that if our minds and bodies are connected through various water based & wellbeing experiences, then each and everyone’s potential is ultimately limitless.

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