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Sales close August 15th

Calling all exercise professionals, join us, in person, for a jam packed day of face to face education, where the emphasis is on the unZoomable content that we’ve all been missing out on, plus you’ll have the chance to meet up with others in the industry and make announcements about opportunities you have going at your workplace.  It all happens on August 19th at the Cockburn ARC from 9 am to 3.30 pm.


Presenter referrals: Take 10% off for telling us which presenter told you about the conference. View the payment page for presenter codes. Plus, go in the draw to win $100 cash to spend with any presenter!

Students: Take 10% off  (‘Students’ are those currently enrolled in a Cert 3 or 4 Fitness courses, fitness related Diploma or University courses in Western Australia. Please email proof to hello@ficseducation.org before choosing your sessions).

Survey Completers: 10% off. Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.  Check your email for your discount code.

How to pay

a)  Pay directly into:

  • FICs Education
  • BSB: 086-164
  • Acc: 29-696-9821

Be sure to include your email address with direct deposits and allow 2 business days for a receipt.  We will also contact you for your presenter code if you wish to provide one at a later date.

b) Pay using your credit card/Pay Pal here

c) Email me hello@ficseducation.org and I’ll send you an invoice with a payment link in it.

d) Eventbrite – Not all discounts/codes are available via this portal and extra Eventbrite charges may apply.

Be in to WIN $100 of presenter goodies!

If you found out about the FICs conference via one of our presenters and use their code at sign up, this will put you in the draw to win $100 to spend with your choice of our presenters, on their products or services.

Alternatively tell us the name of a presenter who’s sessions you enjoyed in your feedback form, and we will also put you in the draw to win the $100.

Terms and conditions

By purchasing a ticket this is what you are agreeing to …

  • If we need to cancel the whole event due to COVID or any situations beyond our control, we will reschedule the event to Friday November 11th.  Should that event also be cancelled we will give you the choice of a full refund or credit towards the May 2023 conference.
  • If you need to cancel for COVID related reasons, say because you have to go into isolation or you have COVID, or you get locked out of W.A. due to our border going up while you’re away on holiday for instance, you are eligible for a full refund or a full credit towards our two day May 2023 conference.  Your choice.
  • If you need to cancel for any other reasons before July 13th you will get a full refund. After July 13th you’ll receive a 50% refund.
  • We may need to change individual sessions for reasons beyond our control, like a presenter falling ill.  As far as possible we will seek to ensure there is minimal disruption to the day’s agenda, we will give you as much notice as we can and have alternatives on offer, but please know it’s a possibility and that those changes may happen on the day, or in the weeks leading up to the event and it is not something we would generally provide a refund for.
  • By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing not to film any of the presentations on the day and to not take any photos other than of a) just the presenter, b) other attendees they have consented to you taking their photo and/or they cannot be identified, and c) no gym members, staff or members of the public, inside of the ARC venue.
  • We (myself and FICs staff and volunteers) will be taking photos and doing a small amount of filming for promotional purposes of FICs conferences and workshops, which will be used on websites, social media and brochures.  There is a good chance many of you will end up in our pictures and videos and that you be identifiable in those pictures and videos.

Please pick and choose what activities you do on the day based on your personal health and fitness.  As professionals in the health and fitness industry we consider you will have a good understanding of what is safe and best for you and ask you to  respect the decisions of others.

If you encounter any unsafe practices or potentially dangerous situations on the day we ask you to immediately advise your presenter and our staff, and other attendees and venue staff as need be.  This may include, but is not be limited to; physical safety as well as mental and emotional for example via bullying, harassment, discrimination based on age, sex, race, ancestry, ethnic origin, gender identity or expression, religion, political belief, family status, marital status, or disability.

Meet and greet everyone.  Please say hi/kaya to people you don’t know (yet), smile, bump elbows, thank presenters and volunteers personally, include others in your lunchtime conversations, encourage people to contribute ideas, listen with your heart.

To help everyone connect and remember each other, please wear your name badge the whole day (bring your own, or use our stickers) and wear your business shirt / hoodie/ cap or similar if you have one.

Feedback opportunities will be available during and after the event, inclusive of anonymous opportunities.  I implore you to use these before publicly sharing any comments, ideas or photos which could negatively impact those involved with this conference, inclusive of our staff, volunteers, the host venue, other attendees and presenters.  Anonymous feedback on any conference related issues can also be shared here, 24/7.  https://forms.gle/nVNCAb9tv8c5gfCf7.

Please ensure the form you land on is ours and looks like this FICs anon feedback form


Please tell us which sessions you would like to attend in order of preference via the booking form.  Check your emails from hello@FICsEducation.org for the link, or get in touch and we’ll send it through to you again.

We are pretty confident everyone will be able to get into the sessions they want to attend, but that said, there are limited numbers to each session and places will be allocated on a first in, first serve basis.    Sessions will not be filmed or available for replay.


My name is Broni McSweeney and I was born on the Blackwood River in Bridgetown and grew up in Perth.  After many years living abroad, I’ve returned to W.A.   

Coal-face experience

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for 20 years in Aotearoa, New Zealand as a gym instructor, a personal trainer and a group fittie instructor,  as an exercise science tutor and lecturer on courses at AUT (Auckland University of Technology) and at CPIT (Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology – now Ara).  I now teach on the Cert 3 and 4 fitness courses at TAFE.

Conference and educational stuff

I have coordinated more than 300 workshops for exercise professionals, using over 200 presenters, as well as a multi-day aerobics conference and Career Days for students and new graduates.

I have also attended a national or international conference virtually every year that I have been in the industry including several Filex conferences, the IDEA conference in LA and the Netfit, GetActiveNZ and FitEx ones in Aotearoa.

Apart from presenting at a few of those conferences myself  you’ll usually find me with a volunteer shirt on at other people’s events.  I love the behind the scenes stuff.

The owners of the club I worked at went on to run the NZ national fitness industry conferences and to this day, they are still the best conferences I’ve ever been to and most everyone who has been to them says the same, so I was lucky too in being exposed to what awesome looks like.

I have always loved providing spaces for both to take place and supporting others to excel in this industry and was awarded the Exercise Association’s Educator of the Year Award in NZ and the Fitness Industry Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry.

So, in case it’s not already obvious, I’m not going to be seeking to sell you anything else other than a fab day out.    There is no other agenda to this conference, well except I want to see them become an entrenched part of our local industry.  Saying all that, there will be sponsors, and I will promote their deals, but I’ll choose one’s that are doing great things for our industry and where there is a good synergy.  

Bringing great people together to share their expertise, their stories and to connect with others, totally pulls at my heart strings…

… but it also takes a team of enthusiastic people.

If you’d like to be more involved in shaping fitness industry conferences and workshops in Perth, please do drop me a line with how you’d most love to be involved.
Broni – email hello@ficseducation.org or text/call 0406 882 025.



Keep in mind that for this conference sessions in 2022 need to be very kinesthetic, hands-on, practical, tangible, coaching type stuff. Steer clear of anything that could be Zoomed effectively. This is about getting people together for all that stuff we are missing out on.

Where possible incorporate and mention new research, new techniques, advanced or unusual stuff people did not learn in their initial training or may not yet have had the opportunity to try or practise.

Submit up to three session ideas if you like, and I’ll gauge where most of the attendees interest is before choosing.


Up to 150 word description of a small group session.  Presenters can also offer one ‘mentoring’ or ‘coaching’ session with up to six attendees. This would run for 50 minutes too. These sessions do not have to be physical,  it’s more about doing stuff that suits this size group – that wouldn’t work as well with a larger group, a rare opportunity to hang with you and do something special.

Step B

If your session/s gets the thumbs up (I’ll advise you either way) you will then simply email me catchfitness@gmail.com by March 1st, 2022.

  1. A picture:  A photo or drawing of your gorgeous self.  It needn’t be a head shot but it does need to be clear and good quality for reproducing.  One of you in action, on stage, training people, with your family, a cartoon avatar of you, are all suitable.  Not collages though.
  2. Who you are: A link to your ‘about us’ page on your website and/or a bio (as long as you like), which mentions how awesome you are, testimonials about you etc.

For info around payment, handouts or any questions just email me catchfitness@gmail.com or phone 0406 882 025.